YOGABLISS Yoga Mat Pebble and Red underneath

YOGABLISS Yoga Mat Pebble and Red underneath

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Pebble/Red rubber Yogabliss Mat featuring non-slip rubber PVC-free design, alignment markers for guided poses and a logo motif. Exists in 1 thickness: 1.5mm /1kg 


About Clementine de Forton: 

Clementine de Forton, after years of yoga practice decided to design her perfect yoga mat making the practice more enjoyable. With an alignment line for a guided position, YOGABLISS is non slippery, eco-friendly, durable, made of natural rubber and doesn't contain any PVC.



Made 100% natural rubber, there is no PVC and it is biodegradable in normal conditions within 5 years.      


Size: 68 x 185 cm

Thickness and weight : 1.5mm/1kg 

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