Darsala, an invitation to travel

Darsala's collections of bags and jewellery are redolent of a journey in which time transports us to faraway lands. With its bold colour associations, Darsala's collection of bags and accessories is strikingly elegant and original.

Darsala's very recognisable style transforms the vintage looks of yesterday into today's essentials.

Each Darsala item, combining vintage materials and precious leathers, requires the expertise of craftsmen who use meticulous and entirely manual techniques with a constant attention to achieving a flawless finish, resulting in gorgeous and practical accessories.

The jewellery seems to emerge from ancient shipwrecks in ocean abysses or from treasure chests belonging to the great adventurers of long ago, in which semi-precious gemstones and filigree pieces offer up a little of their mystery.

Darsala's collection of jewellery and bags gives a brilliant new twist to very conventional colours, offering free-spirited and modern women a vast range of unique designs which meet their desire for difference with refinement, elegance and femininity 

Emphasized by the vibrant colours of quartz, tiger's eye, labradorite, cornelian, agate and malachite, this elegant and refined line of jewellery is entirely hand-crafted in the workshop in the Marais district of Paris. 

The range offers Darsala women a perfect match for their desire for elegance, refinement and difference.


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