Singapore Story ONG SAN FU ‘Singapore Shophouse’ bag in collaboration with LOUISE HILL

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DARSALA has chosen the artist LOUISE HILL to collaborate on Singapore Story.

Her love for color and her talent for combining patterns, tiles, textiles, illustrations, photographs inspired by Singapore immediately came to mind as a good choice for a collaboration when DARSALA decided to design a collection of bags dedicated to Singapore.

'Singapore Shophouse' print was created as a fun and vibrant representation of the famous and much cherished heritage shophouses dotted around the city.
 ”I incorporated the traditional Peranakan colour palette into this design with the use of various vintage detailed embroidered fabrics, tiles, tea flasks and tiffin carriers that I have collected over time and photographed.” Louise Hill

Composition : Cotton and Suede

Dimensions : H 25cm x L 28cm x D 14cm

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